Colar – an Layer-based Image Editor

Colar is an layer-based
image editor. It features gradients, textures and anti- aliasing for both text
and brush strokes. it supports multiple layers, alpha channel editing and Core
Image effects. Colar uses the XCF format as its native file format.


selection manipulation
You can build a complex selection by
add,subtract,intersect or inverse intersect method
You can scale and move
selection freely by a mouse or the direction keys

Keyboard shortcuts
In Colar, many operations have a shortcut key. For example, you can
select the Rectangular Select Tool by press ‘M’ key and then press ‘C’ key to
change to the Crop Tool

Dozens of tools supported
Colar supports 17
image tools : Rectangular Select Tool, Elliptical Select Tool, Lasso Tool,
Polygon Lasso Tool, Pencil, Paintbrush, Colour Sampling Tool, Eraser, Paint
Bucket, Gradient Tool, Crop Tool, Clone Tool, Mudge Tool, Effects Tool, Zoom
Tool, Position Tool

Up to 30 effects included
In this version, Colar
supports 30 effects and adjustment methods: Gaussian Blur, Brightness and
Contrast, Gamma, Hue Saturation and Value, White Point, Colour Ramp, Convert to
CMYK, Convert to Greyscale, Invert, Posterize, Sepia, Threshold, Contrast
Sharpen, Exposure, Median, Noise Reduction, Sharpen, Random Generator, CMYK,
Halftone, Dot Screen, Hatched Screen, Line Screen, Colour Edges, Crystallise,
Displacement Distortion, Edges, Glass Distortion, Gloom, Pixellate, Pointillise

Mac App Store Link :…498?ls=1&mt=12

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Magic Matting – an Efficient Image Matting Software

Magic Matting is an easy to use and efficient image matting software. With it, you just need a few clicks to complete a complex work.
If some portions of your photo with relatively simple background color, you can select the Magic Eraser. With it, you just need to specify the background color, then the background regions will be removed exactly. Any more, in this condition, you can complete more complex tasks easily, such as remove the background regions behind hair or transparent clothes.

Besides the Magic Eraser, there are many other tools: Rectangular Selection, Elliptical Selection, Freedom Selection, Polygon Selection, Wand, Eraser, Brush, Paint Bucket, Zoom …

Supported Formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, JP2, etc….


Take your time and enjoy it !

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The clever word processor – Go Writer is ready for free download

Go Writer is a clever word processor, which provides a series of thoughtful features to help you accomplish your work gracefully.

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• Add comments •
You can add comments for any text in the document, or write down your ideas when writing, do not worry forget something when you continue to work next time.

• Keyboard sound effects •
Sweet typewriter sound to let you immersed into the world of writing.

• Strong blue caret •
We improved the caret for the writer carefully, with a more eye-catching blue color, and increased size.

• Draft board •
Here you can temporarily put some text fragments , such as scentences which needs more considerations. with Draft Board, you have more space to writing and thinking.

• Background color •
Document background color setting support, think white background glare? Maybe you will try a more comfortable background color.

• Smooth image manipulation •
Just simply drag and drop, you can adjust the picture to the size you need, you can also input parameters for more precise adjustment.

• Page Layout •
support print layout and page layout.

• Document Information Statistics •
Real-time display the document character count, word count, number of pages and other statistical information.

Take your time and enjoy it !

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Eggs – the light version of Paint X is ready for download

Eggs is a graphics painting app that you can use to draw, color, or edit pictures. You can use Eggs like a digital sketchpad to make simple pictures, creative projects, or to add text and designs to other pictures, such as those taken with your digital camera.

Tools: Pencil, Eraser, Color Bucket, Text, Color picker

Selection: Rectangular, Lasso

Shapes: Line, Curve, Rectangle, Oval, Five-point star, Heart, and so on

Drawing functionality:
• Rotate/Resize shapes or selection freely
• Flip the image horizontal/vertical
• Crop image by selection
• Paint with a transparency color anywhere
• Stroke/Fill shapes with respective colors
• Cut/Copy/Paste

Other features:
• Canvas/image size is adjustable
• Support Drag and drop operation
• Support Zoom In/Out feature
• The maximum undo/redo times is adjustable
• Support multiple image windows opened at the same time
• Support printing
• Support file formats: png, tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif

Mac App Store Link :

Paint X is ready , the powerful graphics painting program for Mac


Paint X is a classic paint application that you can use to draw, color, and edit pictures. You can use Paint X like a digital sketchpad to make simple pictures, creative projects, or to add text and designs to other pictures, such as those taken with your digital camera.

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[Mac promo codes] Codes for JobsWord – A lightweight word processor

Here are some codes for JobsWord :


If you’d like to check out JobsWord, download it free here:

Enjoy! Please comment the code you have taken so it saves time for other. Thank you.

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The powerful Paint for Mac is coming soon !

It is waiting for review .

PDF Artist – a professional PDF Processor

PDF Artist is a cute, professional, powerful and easy-to-use PDF Processor for you!
It allows you to read, annotate, and search specific information in PDF files on your Mac, write down your thoughts while you enjoy reading. It can also turn your PDF files into audio books. It puts powerful tools at your fingertips and keeps things simple and easy to use.★Features★
• Annotation
Add Text, Anchored, Circle, Box, Highlights, Underline, Strike Out, New Line and Freehand drawing directly on your PDF files.
You can also choose your favorite styles and colors for any annotation.• Searching
Powerful search engine built in PDF Artist helps you find specific information in PDF quickly.
All the notes you’ve made are also traceable.• Notes
Write down your comments/notes with lots of amazing tools provided by PDF Artist to record your thoughts even when you are reading.
You can also export notes as text and share them with your friends.

• Reading
PDF Artist is also great for viewing any PDF file. It enhances and improves your reading experience effectively.
Easily zoom in on text or image for a closer view.
Quickly navigate through large files using Thumbnails or Table of Contents feature.

• Talking
Turn your PDF into audio books.
Use PDF Artist speech function to speak your PDF files whenever you want to hear them.

• Bookmark
Use bookmark to record the place of your previous reading, you can return to the Bookmark quickly and easily next time.

• Presentation
Giving powerful presentations, with built-in transitions to help you present your PDF in the meeting with remote control.

And much more…

Take your time and enjoy it !

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Pavo – a straightforward, powerful and layer based image editor for the Mac.

Pavo is a straightforward, powerful and layer based image editor for the Mac. Pavo is also a slick styled and easy to use tool created to allow you to quickly edit your images. Pavo allows you to work with textures, gradients and anti-aliasing to be able to create the best looking results in no time. Besides an extensive collection of integrated image effects ready to be used for modifying the image as you see fit, Pavo also comes with layer based editing and alpha channel adjustment tools.

Supported Formats:
• jpeg
• jpg
• png
• tiff
• tif
• jp2
• gif
• xcf

Basic Tools:
• Rectangular Select Tool
• Elliptical Select Tool
• Lasso Tool
• Polygon Lasso Tool
• Pencil
• Paintbrush
• Colour Sampling Tool
• Eraser
• Paint Bucket
• Gradient Tool
• Crop Tool
• Clone Tool
• Mudge Tool
• Effects Tool
• Zoom Tool
• Position Tool

Supported Effects:
• Gaussian Blur
• Brightness and Contrast
• Gamma
• Hue, Saturation and Value
• White Point
• Colour Ramp
• Convert to CMYK
• Convert to Greyscale
• Invert
• Posterize
• Sepia
• Threshold
• Contrast Sharpen
• Exposure
• Median
• Noise Reduction
• Sharpen
• Random Generator
• CMYK Halftone
• Dot Screen
• Hatched Screen
• Line Screen
• Bloom
• Colour Edges
• Crystallise
• Displacement Distortion
• Edges
• Glass Distortion
• Gloom
• Pixellate
• Pointillise
• Motion Blur
• Zoom Blur
• Bump
• Circle Splash
• Circular Wrap
• Glass Lozenge
• Hole
• Pinch
• Torus Lens
• Twirl
• Vortex
• Checkerboard
• Halo
• Horizontal Stripes
• Sunbeams
• Spotlight
• Starshine
• Vertical Stripes
• Circular Screen
• Kaleidoscope
• Parallelogram
• Perspective
• Scale and Rotate
• Squares
• Triangle
• Perspective
• Scale and Rotate

and so on…

Take your time and enjoy it !

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JobsWord – a cute, quick, fully functional and easy-to-use Word Processor

JobsWord is a cute, quick, fully functional and easy-to-use Word Processor for your daily work and personal needs. As a full-featured word processor, JobsWord lets you create fantastic documents, ranging from a simple letter to a professional-quality newsletter and more. JobsWord puts powerful tools at your fingertips, so you can create stunning documents in seconds.★Features★
Streamlined word processor:
• Intuitive interface that lets you focus on your writing task
• Use tables(nested tables support), bullets, lists, images, symbols, header, footer, footnotes, endnotes to enhance the way your document looks
• Unlimited undo and redo capacity
• Zoom in/out documents freely
• Generate Table of Contents on your demand
• Word count and statistics
• Sophisticated text formatting (Bold, Italic, Strike, Overline, Underline, Superscript, Subscript etc.)
• Print your documents just one clickAdvanced features:
• Insert tables, split/merge table cells, convert table to text and vice versa
• Insert images and drag it to where you want
• Insert symbols, date and time
• Header/Footer support
• Full-screen view
• Expert mode
• Export as solid (X)HTML (with CSS styles support) and view in web browser
• Lots of built-in fields, such as current time, page number, word count etc…
• Count words, lines, pages, paragraphs and characters
• Smart quotes
• Bookmarks
• Bidirectional textPowerful document layouts:
• Normal layout
• Web layout
• Print layoutHelpful built-in templates:
• A4 paper
• Business Letter
• Business Report
• Employee Directory
• Fax Coversheet
• Friendly Letter
• Memo
• Normal
• Press Release
• Resume
• US LetterSupport for various file formats:
• JobsWord word format (.jsw)
• JobsWord Template (.jwt)
• Microsoft Word (.doc)
• HTML/XHTML (.html)
• Multipart HTML (.mht)
• Rich Text Format (.rtf)
• Plain Text (.txt, .text)
• OpenDocument (.odt)and so on…Take your time and enjoy it !

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